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Future proof your business with a VOIP System

30-03-2022. Posted by Admin

Are you looking for the best phone system for your business? With so many options available, deciding which works best can be challenging. One excellent option is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System, which offers many advantages compared to traditional landline systems.

This comprehensive guide will explore how the VoIP phone system works and how businesses can benefit from its features. We are sharing some tips and tricks on choosing the right VoIP provider and troubleshooting any issues that might arise along the way.

By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to select an ideal telephone system for your business needs.

Our company Sleek Telecom has been offering Hosted VoIP Solutions for Small Businesses for several years; because of this, we wanted to share how perfect they are for office spaces, working-from-home solutions, and much more! If you do have any other questions, be sure to speak to our team for more information!

What is a VoIP phone System?

  • VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a system that allows you to make calls over the internet instead of the traditional landline phone systems.
  • VoIP system turns voice signals into digital signals that can be transmitted over the internet. Here we find efficient use of bandwidth as multiple calls can be connected via a single internet connection.
  • VoIP calls are much cheaper than landline calls. So, this makes international calls way cheaper.  People in need to connect with their contacts beyond country boundaries frequently, for official or personal Purposes get benefitted immensely.
  • VoIP systems offer certain features like voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID services which remain either unavailable or come costlier in a traditional phone system. VoIP offers these advanced features at a cheaper rate and they become beneficial for customers who enjoy the advanced features at a low cost.
  • A VoIP system user can access a number and its advanced features from any device with a stable internet connection. This helps a user make calls or receive them while traveling also.

What is the difference between A VoIP and A Landline?

Process of call transmission: The main difference lies between a VoIP system and Land line system in its process of call transmission. In a traditional phone system, calls are connected via copper wires between two landline phones. The wires remain connected to the local telephone exchange. The exchange handles the routing of the calls to different landline phones.

In contrast to that in a VoIP call, the voice signals are turned into digital packets and transmitted over the internet to the recipient’s phone and the packets again get converted to audible signals.

Cost Effective: Another great difference lies in their costs. A landline connection is certainly more expensive than that VoIP. A long distance calls make the price go higher. In a VoIP system, it is always cheaper with more voice clarity and other advanced calling features.

Installation: A significant difference exists between these two types of communication systems is how it is set up and installed. A Land line phone system needs a well established technological set up with a lot of equipment and the physical wires connected to the local exchange. For setting up an active connection, installation of wires along with other infrastructure is necessary. In a VoIP system, all we need is an internet connection and a suitable device like smart phone, computer or VoIP phones to establish a call.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

There are several advantages of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems over traditional phone systems. Some of those are:

    • Lower costs: A VoIP call is way cheaper than that of a Landline phone call. The VoIP call is transmitted over the internet. So, the price of a call is much lower while a land line phone connection needs a big technical infrastructure. The advanced calling features of a VoIP system are included within the internet package and in a regular phone system each call is priced on the basis of its duration and  the distance(whether local, national or international) between the users.
    • Mobility and Flexibility: In a VoIP system one can make calls or receive it in a moveable condition on any device like a laptop, smart phone or tab from anywhere. Only a stable internet connection is required.
    • Scalability: VoIP system is a very much scalable. It can be modified as per the need of the growing business. The system allows removing or adding phone lines easily, considering the requirement. Installing of hardware is phone lines are not needed.
    • Advanced features: Voice to email, auto-attendant, voice messaging, conference calling and many more of these features are either not available on a regular phone system or comes on paying extra costs. Here you only pay for a monthly package and enjoy the facilities.
    • Integration: VoIP systems can be integrated with other communication systems like email, instant messaging, and customer relationship management software. This helps store data at a single space.

All these advanced features make VoIP a Cost Effective Essential Business Services and competent communication system for business as well as personal communication solution.

Can you use VoIP technology in a regular phone?

Yes, it is possible to use VoIP technology in a regular phone.

One needs to have an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) joined with a regular phone to use VoIP on that device. The function of the ATA is to convert the voice signals into digital one and transmit the signal over the internet. The ATA helps to connect to the internet router. One can enjoy the advanced features of VoIP in this set up too.

The only important thing to maintain here is the internet connection. It has to be a stable one with stronger signal strength, for voice calls to be conducted smoothly. A poor connection may lead to call drop, or poor call quality. Therefore, a good internet connection is most important to make good VoIP calls.

Conclusion: All you need to ensure is a stable internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted VoIP calls to any parts of the globe.

Are VoIP systems reliable?

VoIP systems are reliable, yet some factors can influence the quality of the calls. Let’s know about them.

Good Internet Connection: VoIP calls are transmitted over the internet. So, a stable connection is a must or else the call quality will be poor with potent chances of call drops.

Reliable Service Provider: Choosing a reputable VoIP& Broadband Provider and a good track record of uptime is essential. Make sure to research different providers and read reviews before choosing one.

Additionally, it is essential to have a backup plan in case of power or internet outages. Some VoIP providers offer backup power options or the ability to forward calls to another phone number in case of an outage.

So, VoIP systems are reliable if there is a strong internet connection and a backup plan for any kind of outage you have.

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VoIP systems are proven to be essential for a number of reasons. For business growth and running of business smoothly such a cost-effective, faster and efficient communication system is a must. There are options for you to choose from. You have to choose your service provider that will benefit you the most.

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