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Why Are Businesses in the UK Going Hosted?

15-05-2023. Posted by Admin

As technology continues to advance, businesses in the UK are turning to hosted services for their operations. Hosted options available to businesses are plenty, including cloud computing and telephony. In this blog, we will discuss why businesses are turning to hosted services and which sorts of businesses are on the trend for doing so.

The Advantages of Hosted Services

Hosted services offer businesses with numerous advantages, such as providing access to the latest technology at a lower cost. For example, the need to purchase, set up and maintain hardware and software is reduced by cloud computing, as its infrastructure is hosted remotely by a provider. This saves businesses the cost of investing in physical servers and software. Moreover, cloud computing is highly scalable, which helps businesses grow at their own pace without having to upgrade or downsize their hardware.

Telephony Hosted Services

Another area where businesses are increasingly looking to move to hosted services is the telephony sector. Hosted telephony enables businesses to utilise their IT systems to handle their calls, voicemails and video conferencing. This reduces the need for separate telephony systems. Hosted telephony is also highly scalable, making it an ideal solution for start-ups and small businesses.

On-Premise VoIP Deployments

Larger organizations, such as those with hundreds or thousands of employees, might prefer on-premise VoIP. This solution combines the convenience of VoIP with the security of a corporate network. The system is hosted on the company’s servers, allowing businesses to maintain full control over their telephony infrastructure. An on-premise VoIP solution is an excellent option for companies needing to comply with strict data management regulations like HIPAA or PCI.

Who is Going Hosted?
Businesses of all industries and sizes are turning towards hosted services as a means of improving their operations. Generally, start-ups and smaller businesses with a limited budget for the necessary infrastructure to run in-house services are the most prominent adopters of hosted services. However, larger companies are also beginning to realise the flexibility and cost-savings that hosted services provide.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, the benefits that come with hosted services across sectors are undeniable. The reduced costs, scalability, and convenience are a few of the advantages businesses in the UK are enjoying from hosted services. With the rise of technology, more and more businesses will turn towards hosting to augment their operations, further increasing the demand for such services in the UK.

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